Has sweatcoin changed you’re life


Hello there citizens today I want a group discussion so let’s talk about the following questions

1 what do you think of the app sweatcoin?

2 has sweatcoin made you a more healthier person?

3 will you continue to use sweatcoin for the future?

Please answer them 3 questions above in the comments below feel free to add you’re own below to.

As for my answers let’s begin starting with number one

  1. Sweatcoin at first when I heard of it over a year ago sounded too good to be true like who pays you just to walk but upon installing the app I found an amazing concept by an amazingly driven team I have now fallen in love with the concept of sweatcoin you can walk, run, bike any form of exercise is rewarded and you can’t say no to an app that gives you a new offer on the marketplace daily or sell to another sweatcoin user all for the simple task of walking. A year on I still use the app and the future is bright and I’m loving the direction the team are taking this amazing app.

  2. Absolutely sweatcoin has made me a much more healthier person before sweatcoin I only used to workout at the gym but now I go out walking much more and running too the rewards are very great too encouraging you to get out even more and I hope they add some friendly competitive stuff in the future.

  3. Absolutely yes sweatcoin is an amazing concept although you can argue not a lot has happened with the app the team behind it are very open with their users and you’re still earning yourself no matter what so absolutely I plan to keep on using sweatcoin.

And that’s it guys make sure you answer the questions below too let me know what you guys have to say. Thanks for reading!!


Yes, Sweatcoin has done so much for me. Both the app and the community.
It gave me an extra incentive to run. In 2017 I did 400 days of running in a row 6mi/10km per day! (Before I broke my toe that is, ooops).

I have great hopes for things to come in the future for this app :slight_smile: