Have the Bucket List Rewards increased?


I’m sure the bucket list rewards were 20,000?

Thoughts anybody ?



They have!
I noticed the same thing today unfortunately :frowning:


Moving the goal posts. Went from 18,999 to 25,999.


You are correct, mine show the same. Not impressed.


Think we all need to take a step back here and realise ‘someone’ is taking us for fools.

The £1000 PayPal carrot was dangled just long enough for people to get close then just as a ‘pay’ subscription option was introduced the PayPal reward disappears!

This will have deflated many, many people’s enthusiasm but several we’re still attracted to the holiday / trip offers only to see them now increase by several thousand coins.

Meanwhile admin either ignore challenging posts (such as where can we see the trips people have taken and filmed) or dangle another ‘we are working on some more great marathon rewards’ carrot! They are working on them alright, working on increasing the existing ones so they become unachievable!

Look, if you want a free razor or reduced clothing that’s fine but do be careful who you give your bank details to as there are a number of people who have had problems cancelling subscriptions or having random amounts debited.

Wake up folks! All very disappointing isn’t it!!


@DaveUK… Looks like they’ve added 5k more, even though there’s only one left of the disney one, the last time I looked…


All very dubious. Nobody has owned up to taking the trips and no films are shown - my friend they don’t exist.

I think the lower offer things are there but that’s it. Maybe I, you, we were expecting too much for free. As I will continue to say ‘if something looks too good to be true, it probably is’.

Still - gives me something to moan about lol


It would be nice to have a heads up about these changes, instead of just doing it, saying nothing, and then letting us run riot with our comments!!
I’m kind of addicted to the Trouble Maker double points though. Am thinking for a quid a month, I may upgrade for a year…


Ok, this move was although ENOUGH for me.

They just lost mine and two more family members subscription for trouble maker and I will advise my followers to do the same.

Sounds really untrustworthy at the moment since they don’t communicate on any changes (like removal of paypal reward or latest the increase for bucket rewards for nearly 10k SWC each…)

My annual (remaining) subscription should last to reach 20k SWC by next year - I’m happy to inform you if I will get a reward than - as soon as this is clarified this company will see no further dollar from me, my family, friends and hopefully a major part of my followers.


I guess if you walk anyway may as well but don’t get so addicted that other parts of your life, family and friends etc suffer. I don’t think it’s as it seems but having the coins means if something decent miraculously appears you are ready. They are mugging us off though.


You and many others Hans. I will be watching them closely and highlight concerns on the forum. Like you if I am proved wrong I will be the first to hold my hands up.


@DaveUK Don’t worry, the addiction is only to the double points for 25p a week. I walk a lot for my job, so on average I should get at least 40 SW coins most days, without breaking sweat. And I certainly don’t push myself to go for the max. I just see it as a Brucie Bonus, that in every couple of years, I could get a(fairly) decent prize/trip for myself. Do agree with your good self and other forum members, who say these guys communicating could be Way better. But it is what it is. I especially appreciate that you guys who’ve been here longer and gotten close to the original 1k prize, are well peeved, I’d be that too. Seeing the increase of the top prizes, also means it’s going to take so much longer on anything but the Trouble Maker, hence increased revenue from people thinking, what the hell, its only 12 quid a year(until they increase that, such I reckon they will soon enough!) also a side note, have you noticed the Admins and Phatt one, whatever he’s called, have disappeared lately!!!


Hi Seaside. All very good points and glad you have it all under control. Yes I have noticed admin (or whoever masks as admin) go quiet in here when they are challenged. For instance I asked where the films are shown of people on the trips - no reply! All they do if they reply is be vague or extra nice in the hope that the problem will go away. For example in response to your likely suggestion that the fees will increase they will probably say ‘we can assure you that there are currently no plans to increase them’ but will return in a few months saying running costs have since increased etc etc etc so they have had to increase the fees.

It is as you say what it is and does have a shelf-life as slowly but surely people are unveiling the truth. Take a look on trip advisor to see what I mean.

Have a good day buddy.


There have been many red flags, the bucket list rewards going up. Paypal being removed, the fact that the only advertisers are scam apps etc. The total lack of gift cards etc. We have to face the fact they can’t afford to give away anything good. The only reason I don’t stop using the app is a really don’t do anything different, I take my phone with me for walks etc, so I’m not doing anything just for sweatcoins. At this point they have zero credibility and I sincerely doubt anything will happen to change my or anyone else’s opinion


Summed it up perfectly. Maybe we all wanted to believe it was more than it was but deep down knew something wasn’t true.

Red flags and zero credibility describe it very, very well. At least we now know before we were inconvenienced too much.Someone is making a pretty penny out of it though.


Really wonder how many members here has actually claim the 1k cash marathon reward and can confirm if it is real ? I am currently at 16k and will need another 3 months to reach it base on TM status.


@Eamtan I’m just about to complete the TM free month trial, and am on just over 4k in coins. I’d think about signing up for the years subscription, over the next two years to get me towards the higher prizes sooner. But it will take me 2 years minimum to get close, (if they haven’t raised the bar again, or if the App still exists!!!) But at only a £1 per month, I’d take on the small risk to get something worthwhile, which is what I think they are banking on a lot more of us doing


Overall. I think sweatcoin has diminished into a ‘support this fundraiser support that fundraiser’
The priZes rarely rarely get updated I’ve had the 4 holidays and then crap headphones for the last year I swear… then have the audacity to remove PayPal cash out and up the price of the holidays lol…il be selling my 12K sweatcoins if anyone is interested.


I think most the lower offers are available through a number of apps and outlets and probably free to.