Have the Bucket List Rewards increased?


There’s another app that pays for walking so i may just switch.


@Kyle93 let us know what it is… Maybe worth a look


Go on the App Store and type in walking app can’t remember the name


Hey @Kyle93 could you please share the name of the other app that pays for walking? Sweatcoin is clearly just becoming a scam if I am being entirely honest!


@Phatt.One he knows everything lol


walkerapp.io only available on iPhone though


Hmmmm… I see(in the UK) the 20k TV prize is only worth £500…quite a come down from the previous £1k prize for the same amount of coins. I hope to see a new range of prizes soon. Especially for the guys who are closing in on that 20000 number.


I noticed that. Is £500 in the retail stores. Is now the only thing on there people may be drawn to. I presume they send the funds for it via PayPal so not sure you even have to buy the TV or is this not correct?

Essentially my biggest problem with this is increasing expectation of things that are not really there. It’s not a scam as there are rewards albeit things you can get elsewhere but is more of a con ie not what people are led to believe. It will get exposed though as things always do in the end.

The owners will be doing well out of subscriptions and advertising kick-backs which again is fine as they developed it but what is not ok is cheating people’s expectations and it is that I will be exposing.

I wonder where those holiday films are!


@DaveUK I had a thought about where they might use these films of people’s trips. Maybe they just use them for business meetings, i.e to gain more companies to jump on board to sell there products etc?.. Still be nice to hear from them up above, to confirm or deny!!!


That is certainly a possibility although I would’ve thought the value of showing them and saying to others‘ look what you could earn ‘ is a fantastic thing to attract new subscribers. We haven’t seen or heard anything in this respect. You could well be right but personally I have my doubts they ever happen.


@rorod @Kyle93 I use the Walker App too. I quite like the app to be fair. Although, prizes are literally prizes. One winner per prize. Once a prize is claimed, it doesn’t reappear until the following year. They reward points for up to 10k steps (with paid subscription), maintaining hydration, adding friends, quizzes, instagram posting and other bit’s n bobs. Be prepared, the userbase is mainly Russian users. Not a problem in itself but jus prewarning that most comments people add are in Russian, it threw me completely to start with.
It is a more generalised health reward app.

There are a fair few health/activity reward apps out there but many are discount voucher based rewards. Most that offer cash rewards are frequented by the phoneshakers of the world with no checks. Most are purely advertising so anytime you touch the screen, you end up watching another video… then next touch… another video.


If you are joining the TM with £1 per month, am I correct to say the 1k reward will also be in £ ? Just wondering …


It was indeed £1000 - ‘was’. Has now been withdrawn as too many people were close to being able to claim it but the money isn’t there to pay it! That particular reward was all just a con I’m s afraid. As people get close to the bigger rewards they either disappear or increase in coin cost.


With me the 1000€ reward is still there. I live in Europe, but now I have little to no faith that it will still be there by the time I accumulate the respective coins. I have almost 4000 coins, possibly the offer is removed when you get closer to the 20,000?


Thanks for the info and think you are right to be sceptical. All very disappointing.


How many coins do you have can I ask?


Almost 4000 coins (random letters)


Hmmm. I’m thinking when you get above a certain Amount of sweatcoins prizes appear or disappear


Do you live in europe? (Not UK)


I live in the UK Mate.