Have the Bucket List Rewards increased?


This was disappointing. I had high hopes for this app, but Sweatcoin indeed seems like a scam for the bucket list prizes. As recently demonstrated, Sweatcoin will either remove the reward as they did in most of the USA for the 1000$ PayPal when too many people are close to achieving it. Or, they just increase the number of sweatcoins needed, as they recently did for all the trips, before anyone got too close to getting the 17-20K previously needed. The trips are now 25,500 coins and I suspect they will keep rising in time if not removed altogether. I subscribed to the TM level, but now I realize the sweatcoin app as a scam, like so many other apps of its kind (Lympo, for example, where they always set the bar too high, but at least they were honest from the start). I believe they have no intention to pay out any of the bucket list prizes. The app called Achievement is real, I’ve earned 40$ in PayPal in the last 3 years so it’s not really much worth it: You have to share all your stats with them, from sleep, heartrate, food, drink, optinal surveys and after 10,000 points you get 10$. It takes a long time for that 10$ but at least they’re not being dishonest, unlike sweatcoin. Is this the way it’s going to be, sweatcoin?


Still got the marathon offers at the same price
1000 dollars is still most appealing


Lucky little devil… wish I did.


It’s pretty easy, get the big guys
I would say target people from 35 to 55 for easy referrals


My referrals are mostly my mum’s friends