Having to reboot my phone to get the Daily Bonus


Really sick and tired of having to turn off and back on my Iphone to get the Daily Bonuses.
To add insult to injury after you turn your phone back on you get a automated message chastising about not doing that or you’ll lose data.

How about to make an app that doesn’t have bugs?


Do you mean physically reboot the mobile or force close and reopen?

Just checking because the force close and reopen thing I have to do in a few different apps recently… not necessarily reward based apps. I have a daily quote app that spits out a quirky quote daily. The only problem is each day it will spit out the same quirky “unless you restart the app each time. It is a bit of a strange one but somewhere there must be a reason and a workaround. Does anybody know if this happens on the android version of the Sweatcoin app too? Or is it only the iOS release?


Sorry, just read this post properly and noticed that you mentioned being chastised for force closing the app. There is a possibility you may be on an old version of the app as the latest release doesn’t give the same irritating message.
I can’t guarantee the Daily bonus problem will be fixed. I am on the latest version and I still have to force closed and restart the app for the daily bonuses to reset. However, you shouldn’t receive a grilling for force closing the app.

I would say “step-by-step I’m sure issues will get resolved” but that would involve using one of the cheesiest puns possible…

…so I won’t write it here 🤦