Health Kit connection - to allow or not allow?


So, I have to reinstall Sweatcoin quite often because sometimes it just stops converting steps.
When I reinstall it, I allow it to do whatever it wants (except for the location which, as per instructions, I “deny” first and then set to “always allow” in settings).
And then after using Sweatcoins for a couple of days, I get this question:

Should I allow it or not? I fear connecting it to Healthkit might confuse it and stop it converting steps, I think I’ve seen a correlation but since the misfunctioning is quite random, I haven’t “studied” it properly.
Is anyone having issues after ALLOWING SWC to connect to HealthKit?


I’ve had similar issues, but not had this request


You are on GPS algo, you can definitely disallow HK without any consequences. Not the case for newer algorithm though (not available on your device), HK is necessity there.


Thank you for answering! Good to know. :blush: