Hello , i m new


What s new ?:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: i want to make money on this app


Hey it’s NateTheDemonCoder, I’ve been using this app for awhile, and while it would be nice for it to convert to real cryptocurrency, that time ain’t nigh, so the only thing is to get followers to subscribe to the app, as you can see when you go to Rewards, and the rest is possibly Great if you gotta alot of active friends, if not - no Amazon cash rewards for you into your PayPal (? How does that work? Isn’t PayPal mostly for sites like eBay and the like, didn’t think Amazon Gift Card Codes could be hidden in their app or site, unless an annoyingly simply change of an update happened, then again…) Anyway, supposedly there is a way to get the coins into a reward, but since I’ve used this app for literally three months now, I haven’t (Sorry! :scream::sob:) been able to see how, there’s alot of questions on that, and even on Google Play Store, you might be on iOS, either way, I left a great long review as I could, developer rating and told them that even their rewards usually cost a little bit of real money, in shipping or the reward isn’t totally covered in Sweatcoins, which makes this app that much of a developers work in progress, and not really at all a bonus to purchasing or rewarding you actual money, but since you might have been aware of this setback, I hope you enjoy this app and get exercising around where you are, it’s great to at least see someone giving modern cultured people, who are mostly sedentary and it’s gives them that little boost to get fit and active! Thanks if you read this, sorry if it’s overwhelmingly detailed, or frankly to long. I am about to get my early morning jog in torn up from riots, good ol Portland, Oregon - hope you have a wonderful, and definitely active day. Let the rewards from moving around with your mobile device pay off! Good luck!