Hobbies which make us happy and fulfilled


Hi. I created this topic to try share our hobby affinities. I like every kind of activities beside walkind. Right now I and two more guys go every weekend on badminton. We have a good time and experiences are awesome.


I like to buy stuff online then waiting eagerly for the delivery thinking that I’ll be happy when I get it but I’m never happy once I get it. I also like to travel for the same purpose but the results are the same too


Go to Amsterdam. You won’t be disappointed.


Great propose. But maybe I will wait a bit because COVID-19.


Been there lots of times as I live next to it. Boring as hell, the girls are fugly and Dutch is probably the ugliest language in the world, sounds like vomit


Very interesting point of view. :thinking:


Haha fair play mate. I speak to the Dutch boys and they said it’s not appealing neither.


There was a rumour that I went to Amsterdam for my 40th. Apparently I quite joyed myself. :drooling_face:
All I remember is dodging cyclists. If I only wanted that memory, I could’ve just gone to Cambridge.


Yeah but In Cambridge can’t walk around with big doobies all relaxed. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


In a University town? Nobody stopped me the last time I played The Corn Exchange :sunglasses:. Although, that was about 15 years back​:man_facepalming:


Too many popo now and CCTV everywhere lol.