How are prize deliveries made?


Hello, I have a few questions regarding auctions: :thinking:

1- I haven’t won any awards yet. But how are the won(!) prizes (eg television, PS5) delivered? I wonder.
2- Which countries are delivered to?
3- I live in Turkey. How will the award be delivered here?
4- Will we pay shipping, customs or any other cost, tax for the prize won?

I am sure that many people wonder the answer to these questions. As a result, we use a program used in many different countries of the world. I’m looking forward to your answers. @Ashton @Emma @Phatt.One


They send you the cash equivalent to the prize i reckon


We will attempt to send you the product free of charge of course, however in the event that it is unavailable, or other issues arise, then we will send you the cash equivalent of the product.
This is said in the offer descriptions :slight_smile:


@Ashton How about Paris Trips and North lights trips? :wink:



Hi @Ashton ,
I think this answer is not enough for my question. Of course I read the offer descriptions. Unfortunately, there are no answers to my question there. I need more details… @Oleg


I could not see a clear statement on this subject.


Hey @mehmet, hope this finds you well.

  1. Have been covered by Ashton, all rules are clearly stated in description.
  2. All officially supported countries if Auction is available in the app (list can be found here:
  3. Depend on what you will actually win. Most probably it will be either local shop or stated monetary value.
  4. No additional payment needed. But in case of additional payments required for some reason it will be stated clearly in the description. Cannot tell about tax though, but I’ll bring this question to our team.


Thanks, that just got more revealing.


Don’t worry about winning, No one wins


When will you make cash available via PayPal with time like this some of us will benefit if you guys make this possible, do to the virus some of us have gone down to part time or lost jobs.


Unfortunately, or actually fortunately (due to coronavirus people become less active and it affects health like a lot), this app is about making people active and healthier, and not about earning side cash. If you need money we won’t be able to help you here.