How do I claim my auction win


Hi all, I won the auction yesterday but can’t find out how to claim the prize.
Page says I will receive a code and form to fill in but I don’t see these. Help pages not very useful either.
Anyone else won an auction and how did you claim?


@DaveUK you can help :eyes::grinning:


@Ashton Help the lad.


I see the code now but don’t know what to do with it. No email or sms received. How do I get the “form” to fill in?


@Nodz @Ditagirl can you help.


From i remember they send u a code,where the messages appear there is a link which says prize won ,click on that that shld take u to a page where u add code and there is a toggle at bottom of screen which says prize claimed ,turn that to on and away u go(i think thats right from what i remember)


Thanks for that. I think i have solved it now.
The toggle at the bottom of the screen which says, i have claimed this prize is lit up by default. I turned it off and the form appeared. Filled in the details and then clicked the toggle to light it up again.
Trouble is, i gave my wrong username (duh)! so tried to email a correction to the query email address given on claiming but it just gets bounced back to me as undeliverable.
Suppose they have my phone number so are able to contact me.



I won an auction over a week ago, I filled out the form, but I am yet to receive any further notification that it was indeed received on their end… I am just waiting at this point for the 30 days it said for it to be fulfilled. Hoping I claimed it properly!! Admittedly, I’m a bit anxious.


I really hope you receive what you’re entitled to - you deserve it.
Just seems to be a bit of a poor setup regarding claiming but time will tell.


Thank you, and same to you!
Congrats on your win!! :blush::blush::blush:
I know for myself, it took me well over two years to earn enough coin, I definitely worked hard for it, as did ALL other auction winners!! So I will remain optimistic that I will receive my GIFT CARD, I just need to be patient. Lol


Which auction did you win?


I won the Sonos soundbar. Top of the range soundbar - worth more than i paid for my tv!


Very nice!! I won $1000 Lululemon gift card!!
One of my favourite stores, so I’m extremely excited :blush::blush::blush:!


Hi, Does anybody know if anyone has received the item they won the bid for? I won the for the X Box Seies X on the 11th November, filled in the form and still to this day have not heard anything from the sweatcoin team. I have emailed them time after time with no reply, is this too good to be true as all this effort could mean 2 and half years of gaining those sweatcoins all for nothing…


It should arrive! I won the LuLuLemon $1000 GC on November 7, and on November 27 I received an electronic Giftcard directly from Lululemon! I have also spoken to other winners, who have also received their wins! Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s on it’s way :blush:!


Hi, thanks for your reponse, hope your right, its just that its been over 3 weeks and no info from them thats all, just gotta wait then…


I’m in the same position as you. I won an auction mid November, filled out and submitted the claim form but heard nothing - not even acknowledgement of receipt of the form. My sweatcoins have gone though! As Ditagirl received hers ok we should live in hope.


Still gotta few days hopefully to hear from them, hope all our effort and work was’nt all in vain, took me nearly 2 years to get all those sweatcoins.


Took me 4 year but 3 of zhem it did not record my steps in work so lost so much sweetcoin over the years


I never heard anything after my initial claim. Even when I received my gift card, it wasn’t from sweat coin, it came right from Lululemon. So I wouldn’t worry that you haven’t heard anything back directly from sweat coin.