How do I claim my auction win


Did u move the toggle on the bottom of the screen where it says what u have won to “claimed”?


yeah m8, i done all that.


Well all i can say is everyone who i have spoke to who won including myself received their prize so just sit tight mate,they do say prize or monetary value within 30 days,maybe x series is hard to get hold of atm???


You will be sent the monetary value i am assuming


Hey everyone!
Please remember that there is an up to 30 day period between winning an auction and your prize being sent out, this allows us time to do all the necessary checks and whatever we need to get your prize ready!


It been over 30 days now no luck


I won on 03 11 2020 and i had no luck yet on my bid


Did you fill in the claim form? I won an auction on the 15th November but have heard nothing from Sweatcoin. Others on here say they didn’t hear anything after claiming but the prize just turned up. Try sending and email to them.


Auction winners can you write here for us when you get your price?


@khmelev so is there a 30 day period or is it 60 days.


In description its stated 30 days, not sure where you took 60 days from.


Just assumed mate. Assumptions are allowed