How do you connect app to n26


How do you connect your N26 I have already signed up to N26 but the only option in the iOS app is to create a new account with N26 not connect


Thank you for your question, Baldyhugs.
Please scroll lower than the button that you see and there you will have an option to enter your bank details. Apologies for making it almost hidden - something we should probably revise in the next release to reduce confusion.


On my version of the app there is no option to connect to an N26 account. Any idea how I can connect it?


Try to scroll down was the first thing I tried and it’s not scrolling. I have a iPhone 7


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app now the cash out feature is gone


So how do I get back the ability to cash out my sweat coins.

Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app was perhaps was not the best idea but as I wasn’t able to scroll down in the first place( it was the first thing amongst other things before trying to contact sweat coins. But you are very slow at replying to posts and messages.