How do you fuel up before a walk or a run?


If it’s a longer run I’ll usually have a bagel, and then on my way to the park I’ll eat a packet of Extreme Sport Beans. I also have some Gatorade gel packs right now for during runs, but they’re kind of gross and I don’t think I’ll get them again.

How do you fuel up for a walk or other exercise?


Hi JordanVA,

I have run a few marathons in the past.
Carb-loading is important before a huge event like that.

However, I like to follow up an exercise with a shake of plant protein.


Hi @Phil

What sort of plant protein shake do you make? I should probably start doing that for recovery now that I’m running longer distances on a regular basis.


I just take a generic one from the local Supermarket, but you can take whatever one you like. I prefer plant protein for a number of reason. Here’s a link to find out more: