How do you get the coins to a Bank Card


So I have had this app downloaded in my phone started walking and now that I have reached $365.00 How can I get the money off to my bank card?


Your highly mistaken if you think you can swap sweatcoin into £/$/€. Sweatcoin is a app that pays you in coins to buy things from the market place on the app itself. It motivates you to walk / be more active.


OK, Kyle93 I am active and thanks for sharing there is nothing Sweatcoins have to offer me from the marketplace. Will be deleting that App
Thank you


It has good offers bro. It’s worth keeping. I’ve had it two years and I’ve bought many things my favourite item being ‘beryl bike light’ was a brilliant purchase. Sold the item on eBay for £70 also rumour has it. ‘ONE DAY’ Sweatcoin will become a cryptocurrency. Winner winner chicken dinner.


Keep them mate. You’ve all worked hard for them. .