How do You plan walks in your country?


Here in belgium we got numbers on all the roads and even in the forest.
So if we say to people do : 80-95-78-77-90 they Will know what trail to walk.
Also every town has their trails directed with arrows.

Is this in other countries also or do you need to figure everything out yourself ?

Just beeing curious :grin:


Nothing like that in Canada but I wish there was !


There are difficulty divided hiking trails in Israel and they are named rather than numbered.

If I remember the description correctly, this is how it goes:
Green - Easy, Blue - Balanced, Red - Hard, Black - Very hard (equipment may be required)

Those trails are rarely urban, they almost always go through natural places (desert, mountains and forests)

Luckily for me, I live near a forest so I go there from time to time if there’s no lockdown, mostly morning walks.

I also plan adding beach cleaning to my schedule, with the beach being 4.5km away it shouldn’t be much of a problem for me.

EDIT: I also use an app for betting on my activity from last week and it actually pumped up my activity. If I will beat my challenge, I will get my money back, if not, I will lose it.

In short, money is a great motivator, isn’t it? :joy:


I just walk no planning . I’m out in the country so it’s all dependant on time of year where I walk since it’s dark real early and not well lit . In the summer and spring I just walk . I don’t plan it to often I just walk. Nothing is as well laid out in my area as it sounds like it is for some places but I don’t stress about it . It would be great to have areas that are like the areas you describe but nope not in Canada !