How do you walk/run these days?


Hey fellow Sweatcoiners.
It’s been a rough year with all the restrictions and lockdowns. Lately things seem to cooldown just a bit and so we can peek out from time to time.

How do you stay active these days and how do you perform your activities?


Personally, I tend to go out running/walking at night when the streets are empty. During the day, I am lucky enough to own a Treadmill. It wasn’t particularly expensive, I picked up an ex-gym machine that just needed a little tidying up. Although, for only £70 I couldn’t really complain. If anyone is considering a treadmill one important thing to remember when looking at cheaper machines on Amazon is the running board size. Remember that your stride length is a lot longer when running than walking. I ended up buying a second treadmill when the original stopped working but found that unless walking, the board just wasn’t long enough.


Similar to Phatt.One - I tend to stick to walking at night, or very early morning when there aren’t many people out.

I find walking during these times more peaceful anyway and prefer it over walking during peak times, when there’s lot’s of traffic and distractions from a nice, chilled out walk :smiley:

I do have a cross-trainer for days when I can’t go out, Wales (my country) is under stricter lockdown conditions so it’s more difficult to exercise - the cross-trainer has come in handy lately!