How is this app any different from the other paypal/productwin scam apps?


The sweatcoin app seems to be marketed in such a way, where you see a deal you want EG “20,000 sweatcoins for 1000 Euros” and then start working towards it, with the end goal being that at the end of 2 or so years, you’ll be able to finally get that specific prize you were working towards.
The app even says upon clicking on the deal “Achievable with 24 months of steps and invites” heavily implying that sticking to a high income of steps, will be rewarded with exchanging that specific offer after a relatively fixed amount of time.
But now we all know that that’s most probably a lie.

With the news that the “1000 Pounds for 20,000 sweatcoins” deal was taken down, The not previously known reason: “Sure, the PayPal rewards and gift cards do come and go, but they are limited.” 20K target - £1000 prize
The Marathon Travel deal prices being raised by around 10,000 coins, Reason: “We’ve added loads of cool new features over the past few months to allow our users to make more sweatcoins… As a result, please understand that we have to adjust for the prices”

My confidence in the app being somewhat legitimate has greatly diminished, I’m even questioning if the staff on this forum are even who they say they are.

Another critique is that the small deals on the store, cost so much in shipping, that the prize cost itself could be included in the shipping price.
How do I know that these products are worth what you guys say they are? (Last I saw, there were a pack of 8 metal straws going for 800 sweatcoins, shipping price was 5-8 Pounds. When convered from sweatcoins to pounds, it adds up to 5-6 pounds for a single metal straw!)

So I’m being super patient and maybe too reasonable, putting myself on the forum, i’m giving you guys a lifeline, giving the staff at sweatcoin one final chance.

My question is:
Will I be able to exchange my 20,000 self-earned sweatcoins for 1000Euros paypalcash in 2-3 years time?

If you guys @Emma @Ashton @khmelev and other staff can’t answer this question straight, I’m done with sweatcoin and the rest of your customers should be too.

Screenshots of ashton telling us on the 8th of june right before the 1000pound paypal offer was taken down: “Marathon offers are staying, don’t worry”


Also here I somewhat understand the anger.

But SWC is a kind of token, and same line cryptos they depend on supply (generation speed/rate of all users). Which lately changed due to TM.

You would also not expect that BTC or any other currency gives you exactly x EUR or USD in 3 or 4 years…


@Hansi2019 But you would expect a deal, that’s advertised as “Achievable with 24 months of steps & invites” to still be there in 24 months…


Sweat coin is a scam! The offer are garbage and if you search online you will notice that the same offers are available for free (the discount offers). The staff that works there are completely useless. I have send 7 requests over 7 months for them to answer a simple question. Stay away from this company!


@Ashton yeah. You said they was staying. Someone telling porkys. That someone being you…


Marathon offers are still there! We still have offers such as the Curved TV, GoPro’s etc.
We’re working hard on a new feature that shouldn’t be too long which should put your mind at ease - and we still have all of our daily offers, crowdfunding and more to keep you going while you save up for bigger offers :slight_smile:


But not in Canada. Definitely not the Dysan hairdryer.


@Ashton Don’t you think its dodgy as hell to tell us “Marathon offers are staying! Don’t worry” Shortly before removing, without warning the most popular marathon offer, that people have spent years saving up for?

Of course it is, but you’re only allowed to put your marketing face first, that’s why you’re not answering my question. You can’t without making your app look bad.

What happens if we “Save up for bigger offers” just to have them without warning disappear on us Ashton? Or the price drastically increase overnight?

Seems to be the whole business model of your app, much like the scam apps.


Sorry, but why does it seem that only people here are complaining who are not even close to have reached 20k?

I am now part of this forum for over a year and I have never seen a post of someone writing he reached 20k and got no reward (only members with delayed payments but they got quickly solved in the end).

If you get a TV worth cash for 800 USD instead of 1,000 it’s fine for me since the value of cyber coins change over time as supply changes (more or more active sweatcoiners etc)


In the " 20K target - £1000 prize" there were people who were over 16,000 and over 10,000, evenso mentioning this doesn’t seem relevant.

Maybe because its only during the past few months, that they’ve removed or drastically increased the prices of their main offers with no warning.

I assume I probably wont even get something worth 400USD by the time I would reach 20,000. Like me and many others, I started the app with the 1000 Euro/$ goal in mind, which they, as I said market it as achievable in 24 months. Its not at all achievable when they randomly remove it, or drastically increase the price(The bucket list deals), hence my complaint.


I understand your point.

But let’s make a deal: we go for 20k (I’m also at 11,5 already) and see what we get.

I mean if I even only get 400 USD for doing NOTHING (different then I would do w/o sweatcoin), who am I to complain :wink:



@Hansi2019 That’s fair enough,something is better than nothing, but now people are paying for some parts of the app, surely they deserve a higher ticket price, closer to the original, dangling of the 1k carrot prize once promised. We shall wait and see. I don’t fancy spending 5 years in here(if in the non payment Breaker, and alike groups) , just to get where we are now, concerned and seeing the top prizes being hopeless to most and not worth the value sweatcoin say they are. I’d pay for the TM for 2 years to get to the new 25500 goal if I think it’s worth it


We don’t want crowdfunding mate that’s the thing. Or new features we want decent new prizes.


Well hansi your wrong. @Cookie66 has got two marathon prizes. Both the 1K and the iPhone. So…: your point is invalid.


Im a bit skeptical on that. Would be sufficient to post a quick screenshot of his app incl participation date and SWC earned in total. This would also disturb concerns that the app is a scam if users send proof of their own experience. Unfortunately we have no proof in this specials user case…


This post shall be no offend to Cookie66 - but in concern of earning apps I only believe what I can see and not so much on written word…