How many badges have you unlocked on the SWC community forum so far?


Went badge hunting yesterday and earned a few more.

Turns out I didn’t finish the tutorial when I joined the forums, so that’s what I did too :smiley:


Hi Ashton !
I did and I never got my badge for the 20,000 steps ! I know your busy but when you get a chance to change that it would be great . Jen672863 . Thanks


Hey! I haven’t received a DM from you about this?
Anyway, I’ve awarded you the badge now - Happy sweatcoining :smiley:


Thank you Ashton ! I did send you a message on the 20th of Sept but I’m sure you get a million so no worries thank you for giving me the badge !


congratulations on your achievement :muscle::sunglasses::+1:


Congratulations Jen, way to go! :muscle:t2:


@Ashton how do you make that image?


@FenrisWulf I used Gyazo on my Computer, easy way to make cropped screenshots or GIFs!


Thanks @Ashton… Maybe you can help me with another issue… Sorry I know you’re not customer support or anything haha but you seem to know how to use the forum.
I’m trying to get the “shared a link” badge… Every time I try to copy a link it says I’m no allowed to do that… Do you know what I’m doing wrong?


@Ashton I can’t seem to get the community guidelines badge even though I’ve read it… Also the reply to email badge. And I can’t seem to add a link to my posts… So ya Im stuck on a few badges.

Also can you refer me to the “advanced user tutorial” please.
Thank you


Hey! Could you please DM me and i’ll help you out with all this, don’t wanna spam the chats!