How many can generate 50 SWC daily without a sweat?


How many friends in your listing can clear 50 SWC daily as if it is just like 1000 steps daily ?

Base on my current few social activity groups, I can only see two among my listing
FYI, to generate at least 50 SWC to me is walking over 17km daily under Trouble Market mode.
Well maybe 100% of the time is not really possible but close to 365 days every year (maybe 99% of the time ? )

Anyone got over half a dozen of super charged friends who can daily outperform 27k steps without fail on your listing ?


I am still trying to build up a super charged listing of friends that can motivate me to go for another round of Auction bidding if that is possible …


I mean it’s gonna take a year or so
I don’t think auctions staying until then
Just aim for marathon offers


I bought 163,0000 walked 7000
It’s definitely going to be hard to get sweatcoins cheap soon

Folk are coming to buy them now i crypto Monkey is wanting it lol
Cryptocurrency soon 100%


What rate you buying at, i have loads


Almost everyday millions if not billions of SWC is being generated from thin air

Should it one day turn into crypto, would anyone wants to pay cash for such depreciating crypto that is growing by the millions each day just from steps and sweat ?
I will not want to hold on to such a crypto for obvious reason
Just my personal opinion but I am sure there are many who will disagree with me … LOL


To be honest, the trading and cryptocurrency thing has never really interested me too much. I’ve obviously seen a few walking apps that have claimed to generate cryptocurrency of one kind or another but have either turned out to be either completely bogus, applications that simply don’t work, apps that just max out mobile resources or apps that promise all the riches in the world and turn out to basically give away vouchers that offer mini discounts against purchasing cryptocurrency at inflated rates through their own exchange.

I thought the Coin app was one of the closest to date with the geomining principle. However, the app required that you either pay high subscription fees or leave their app running in the foreground with the screen on for 90 mins to allow you to geo mine with the app still using high resources in the background. What is the time you actually generate enough XYO tokens to do anything with, it seems likely that it could cost more in mobile phones than you can actually earn.