How many invites until offers change?


Yo yo. I have 12/13 invites but I’m curious to when my market place will change to
See other offers but will
My marathon offers disappear if I do get into influential market place.


Hey - I believe it’s 25 / 30 invites to get access to the influencer marketplace :slight_smile:
And nope - the marathon offers won’t disappear. They stay there for you!


Ok cool. Good to know. Only another 18 to go lol.


What’s in the influencer marketplace? Is it really that good? @Ashton


There’s loads of different offers I believe… not sure what? But hoping there’s plenty of stuff to buy for sweatcoins and not more invites.


I invite people but it always says 0 invites why?


Are they accepting your invite & are they using your link on the app?
Try coping & pasting your link on here in a finding friends thread.