How many swc do you own


Joined on the 29th September 2019 got 107swc already just wondering if anyone’s ever cash out one of the marathon offers if not how close are you


Got 12k sweatcoin whilst I’d love to cash in on marathon offer. Both me and my wife walk loads, issue is now rules have changed the cumulative coins can’t be used so I can’t use for big offers.


I’ve got a few couple of friends and family members to join was disappointed when I found out you couldn’t transfer coins to claim the marathon offers


Joined on 12th Oct 2017
Currently have 11,172.49 coins
I’ve cashed in a small number for offers, but doubt I’ve “spent” more than 30 (definitely haven’t spent 50)


Not as many as I’ve generated :rofl:.

So far I’ve converted over 14M steps into Sweatcoins. Obviously, I have spent a few coins in the marketplace on offers but have donated 7500swc to the crowdfunding charities and helped fund a few giveaways in the Sweatcoin Warriors Discord server.
I have about 850swc in my Sweatcoin Wallet at the moment :sunglasses::+1:t4:


I have 10 Sweatcoins​:joy::joy::joy:


A great start! Keep at it and watch your balance rise :sunglasses:


18,000 SC here, donated regularly to the causes that pop up. Would like to find out if any wearables or devices are coming back onto marketplace.