How many Sweatcoins have YOU physically generated yoursef?


I noticed in a lot of places there are many people very proud of how many Sweatcoin is they have and you should be proud of the coins no matter if these are earned through exercise, invitation, trading, Prize winnings… any of th the various ways to earn your coins.

As many people will already know, my core interest is the motivation to move, to get out there and get those feet pounding pavement, pushing pedals, strutting the streets, wandering the wilderness or however you would like to put it. The motivation to improve or maintain personal health through exercise.

With this in mind I think it will be interesting to see how many coins people have physically earned through their own movement alone in the time they have been using the Sweatcoin app.

I’ve been with Sweatcoin for quite a while now (since 7th May 2017) and after a somewhat sow start I have in this time so far converted over 14 million steps into 13402swc.

We are all different people with different schedules, different drives and varying abilities so it would not be expected for everybody to have pushed themselves to breaking point and beyond in the pursuit of Sweatcoins. If you put the effort in then you should be proud of your accomplishments no matter what the level.

Go on, have a bit of a boast and share with the community how many coins you personally generated with your efforts in exercise :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hi @Phatt.One, I’m member since June 12, 2018. I walked over 1.9 million steps and converted It into 2390 SWC. I wish I had used the app more in the past. First I didn’t use it a lot, because no one was using the app. On this day I still don’t know many people who’re using it in my environs.
I thought it would just bleed out or something.
But since I’m pushing myself to work out more and since I discovered this forum, I started to use it more often. It just gives some extra motivation.
I don’t care anymore that I’m one of the few people using it here. Also I don’t really like to send people invitations, because I think it’s annoying for most people. Maybe Sweatcoin must offer people some sort of a Welcome Bonus to stimulate people. Anyway, I see potential in it and I hope Sweatcoin will grow to something really awesome in the future. We just have to give it some time!


Nice work :sunglasses::+1:t4: I can understand where you are coming from with invites being annoying sometimes and if you’re the one sending them sometimes you feel like you’re just sending people spam. I have to admit with Sweatcoin it has been little different for me, I don’t mind sending people Sweatcoin invites because no matter who you are and no matter what you do, there is something to benefit you from the app. Some people like the ‘gamified’ exercise, others like the potential crypto factor, some like to trade and find excitement that way, or there’s like to just get a little something for nothing in the marketplace deals, When I first got the app it was Part of my girlfriends cousins effort to gather coins for a Fitbit. At the time I couldn’t walk so I just saw it as a bit of a laugh really. I completely forgot it was on the phone until we were on holiday and had a little bit of movement, it was then that I discovered the health benefits and chose to try and push it using the Sweatcoin motivation. I know all the users who have used the motivation to improve their health and stamina. It really is a good old universal app because let’s face it a majority of the population walk regularly, it’s good for you and in most cases walking is free (I say most cases because it can get expensive in footwear if you get a teeny bit carried away).
When people have use my invite link whether I know them or not (I post my link on Instagram and Twitter) I send a welcome message to whoever has used the link and pass on the 5swc to that user just to give a little headstart. I prefer to earn coins through effort in exercise, although there have been a fair few instances where random users have sent me a few coins to show support, I always try and Catch them when they come in and return them to the users with a note of appreciation but explaining my preference to earn and encourage users to follow a similar pursuit. Now I’ve discovered the benefits of Sweatcoin I have to say I like to share and let others see for themselves and help encourage people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. As an app I believe it can make a difference to both health and wealth in the long run and it’s great to see a community growing around it.

Keep at it and enjoy all Sweatcoin has to offer :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Greetings, I’ve been a sweatcoin member since January 12th 2018. after a very slow start and hardly walking it wasn’t until around summer time when I actually properly started using the app

That being said during my time so far using the app I have clocked up 1.6 millions steps and generated 1497 sweatcoins. Thank you :blush:

I actually feel 1.6 million in almost 2 years is actually pretty bad on my half and will try and push for 2 million steps before the new year :smiley:


Hi, I have been using the app since 7th June 2017, and have converted over 13m steps for £13,219 sweatcoins. I walk every day but get frustrated at how many genuine steps arent converted. Particularly recently, I would have a lot more sweatcoins if the algorythm worked as it should. I see some post about league table as well but I dont seem to have access to any of these. Live in Lancashire UK.


@Kevster 13M! this is awesome mate!! Im a Lancashire Stepper myself lol Aside from the past couple, I’m out almost every day myself and only a couple of million ahead with over 16M converted. If you want to post your Sweatcoin username, I’m sure there are a number of Breakers who would be raring to follow you in the app. Keep it up :sunglasses::+1:t4:


FYI as you probably know, leaderboards were removed from iOS a while ago but The android application still has the Friends leaderboard.


@Phatt.One I think my username is Kevster and I hadnt realised leaderboards were removed from IOS so that explains that one. I only looked this week when somebody mentioned leaderboards.


VLol … Have found and added
Happy Sweatcoinin :sunglasses::+1:t4: