How much have you guys made in total?


i’ve had this app for only a few days now, but i reinstalled it from a couple of years ago and still had 60 swc on my account. my friends were helping me out and sent me a couple hundred swc so i have around 345 right now! what about you guys?? :grin:


5250- going to take some time getting 20K


Well, I just joined yesterday and so far have 1 :joy:


162 :sunglasses::+1:t4:



Tanking it on the step counter lol


I have 2500 SWC so far and i bought a lot of things from Store . Waiting for new items …


@emanuelmirt23 It’s great to see users taking advantage of their earnings. I’ve bought a fair few marketplace offers in the past. Although, these days I tend to donate to show support for the charities every time I notice a 500 or 1000 coon buildup. Occasionally, Just after emptying my wallet, an offer will appear and I won’t have enough for it :rofl:



What’s been your favourite / best purchase?! Mine was the beryl bike light. Retail price £129. Got it for £5 postage. Sold it for £70 on eBay ;)))


Cool … i bought a BOUND necklace for my mother the cost was around 800SWC + 5€ delivery ship and also planted a tree.


I see the plant a tree… wasn’t my cup of tea but hey ho each to there own! Yeah that’s nice of you to do that mate.


I got 500 SWC :muscle: :joy: I know that isnt much but I’ve bought a couple items…


How many steps do you guys take in a single day? I just joined recently, and seeing the no. of sweatcoins you guys have is impressive yet daunting at the same time😂


Sone of the guys n gals here have been using the app since it was first released so have a few years earnings built up, others have only been users for a few days.

Once you are well into the swing of things, you will soon notice pretty soon that your wallet will fill up quicker and quicker and you will look back and think “why did I Ever find it daunting?”.

As you have asked what sort of step count users are kicking in each day, you might find it interesting to add a few friends from the community. Many users post their Sweatcoin usernames and if you look at a friends profile page you can see who they are friends with and you have the choice to follow their friends too. When you follow or add users on Android you can see the stepcounts of the users you follow on the Leaderboard. if you are using iOS it is a little different without the leaderboard. However, you can still check out the updated step-counts of your friends and followers.

Although it can be quite interesting to see how may steps people around the world are doing each day, it is probably wise to remember that there are all different kinds of people of different ages, lifestyles, motivations, activity levels etc. there will be a wide range from those logging 1,000 steps a day, to those that kick in over 20,000 steps each day and then some that kick in many more.

Happy Sweatcoinin’


I average 20-35K a day. I walk 1.7 miles to work and 1.7
Miles back home. Not have a clue how many miles I walk
Around my building site lol… yes it’s daunting but rewarding.


Thanks for that. I’m starting to get the hang of this app. I find it interesting to track how much I walk per day. I don’t have any fitness goals or anything of that sort, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something :slight_smile:


Omg you walk SO MUCH


It is certainly true that I have been known to enjoy the odd trek when the opportunity presents itself :sunglasses::+1:t4:

BTW. Love the freudian slip on the username :rofl:.

#19 what happen when you reach the max of trouble maker?


Do you mean the daily limit? Not much happens really. The Troublemaker maximum is 50SWC a day but another benefit is that steps are converted into double the number of Sweatcoins. So 25000 steps earns the 50swc for the day. Well… a little over 25000 steps as commission of 5% is still taken. Effectively, to max out the Trouble Maker only takes another 5000 steps than to max the breaker level.

At this moment, my daily average verified step count over the past 7 days stands at just over 66000 steps per day so I clear over 2x the Trouble Maker daily cap each day anyway.

I guess the short answer is “not a lot happens”. :rofl: