How much have you guys made in total?


Haven’t got to the 50 a day yet myself and there’s me banging on to bring it out haha. Works not open yet :frowning:


I wouldn’t be cruel enough to drag anyone in on my own personal insanity :crazy_face:
If I knew where the hell The energy even comes in from, I would market it and make my fortune :rofl:
Mentioning work, I got the first request in from work… although, I work from my home office anyway. Still, excited about getting stuck back in though :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Yeah me too. Can’t wait to get back to the graft and earn the £££


807.27 sweat coins :sweat: y’all have a lot


Got 1,603 :slight_smile: add me up guys and I’ll follow you too… KIBERO143


I’ve had it two years almost three… not many coins comparison to a lot of others. If @Phatt.One wasn’t a massive donater he would probably have 20k sweatcoins lol.