How much is donated per sweatcoin we give to a charity?


Before I start donating my sweatcoins to the charities at the top of the rewards page, I want to know how much the charity is actually getting and proof that they were actually sent that money.


Tap on the Charity you would like to learn more about and there will be a lot of information explaining what is it, and what your donation will do to help. It is about a 3-5 minute read😁


That’s not addressing the question. I was asking about the total amount in real currency donated by Sweatcoin, which is not explained in that description.

For example, the “Plant 3500 trees for orcas” crowdfunding, has a goal of 8,000,000 sweatcoins donated. From what is said in the article, it seems safe to assume it costs $1 per tree planted, and therefore this campaign would be worth $3500. However if you divide that by the total number of sweatcoins in the goal, you need about 2286 sweatcoins for each dollar donated. Compare this to a normal prize that was offered, the $1000 cash for 20,000 sweatcoins. That one only costs 20 sweatcoins per dollar. How do you explain that charities are getting paid a rate over 100x less than normal consumers? Why should we donate if the charities are getting significantly less money that the sweatcoins are worth?


Techmaz the mathematician ! Good question, good research!