How to receive the $ 1,000


how could they receive the $ 1,000 dollars, I want someone to help me, giving me every detail


You would need to earn 20,000 SWC on your own to get the $1,000 offer, so needless to say it doesn’t come easily.

Just keep generating the maximum amount of steps every day, and also remember to claim the daily offer from the marketplace. Inviting a friend to use Sweatcoin gives you 5 SWC, so that helps, too.

Good luck! :smiley:



Will the sent coins grom others could be redeemed for 1000$ ??


Hi! @Coolrunman9

Right now, only coins earned by you can be used to redeem the Marathon Offers ($1000)

Work towards it! Every step counts :slight_smile:


Looks like nobody has given you the answer you’re looking for. To get $1000 in the shortest amount of time possible you need to upgrade to Breaker. Then you need to start walking your “money” making a$$ off! You’ll have to walk enough to earn the maximum of 20 Sweatcoins EVERYDAY and assuming you do this AND click for the daily reward EVERYDAY (this pays for your
monthly subscription ) you can get the $1000 in 1000 days! They won’t let you get the daily rewards daily so you must constantly go back and click for it.


I cant invite more people to the app it says the invited are full so this invite referral scheme is just good for nothing now
What shoudl i do if i cant invite more people