How to select your 20 mins for double sweatcoins


I new and just noticed the offer for the daily 2x boost - pick your 20 mins. But nothing I click on on that page launches where to set your 20 min. Also don’t see it in settings. Will someone please tell me how/where to set the 20 min? Thanks!


Whenever you use the 2xboost make sure you are doing something more than just a walk around the block. I tried to do burpees and push ups but found out that I don’t have that good of endurance.

I wish you luck


Thanks, but my question was not when to set the 20 min, but how to actually do the settings - I don’t see anywhere on the app to select the time.


As far as I know it’s not any particular time.
Just hit start when you’re ready!


Where do you “hit start”? I wish I cold attach a screen shot. Thanks!


From the screen with the counter, tap on the top right hand corner where it says boost. Alternatively, swipe right from the counter screen. From that point it is quite obvious. This is for iOS, not sure on the android method.


Hope this helps


Hey Phatt, how did you attach the screen recording? I don’t see an attach option. I tried dragging an image into this space but it didn’t take.

As for the 20 min, it says “select 20 min in your day …” so I thought you had to enter a start time somewhere, like 7:00 AM. But you’re saying you don’t actually “select” a time, you just click on the “2x boost” and it starts then? Is that right? Thanks again.


Lol to add images or clips, there is an icon of a little picture in a frame in the bottom right-hand corner just below the box you type your text into, that allows you to add images to your posts.

As for starting your boost …


…get moving, you’ve only got 20 minutes left to get those steps in :sunglasses::+1:t4:


By the way, additional thanks for reminding me to activate the boost. There was no other way I could take a screen video of it And I’ve got a messed habit of leaving it until the final half hour of the day. It has been as late as 1155 at night before remembering in the past. :man_facepalming:


Cheers for the screenshots!
I was about to do the same!
I also left it late recently! But worse than that last night I had the dreaded circle of doom!
Just wouldn’t get past analysis!
Hopefully it’ll be fine today! :crossed_fingers::+1::+1:


Lol to be honest it was about 230am and I was out on the pavement pounding anyway. Have to admit that the video was certainly an interesting way to pass the time🤣
I got the same circle, although each time I see it, when I check the wallet after, i have always received the bonus coinage :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Thanks for showing me how to attach an image! I wanted to attach a screen recording but it won’t let me. I tried to attach a .mov screen recording from my IOS device and it is not an acceptable format.
So I’ve tried to attach screen shots from the video, but when I upload them, they cover up my (this) text with a couple of things that look like links. So I’ll send this message and try to upload them with the next.

Anyway, when I click on the 2x, I don’t get the countdown that you show in your clip (by the way, what kind of recording is that? In the attached images, you see where I click on the 2x, then the next thing I get is the “How Daly 2x Boost Works” screen with no countdown or anything to click on.

Also, do you have background app refresh turned on for this app? Do you have “allow location access” set to “always” for this app? It seems to be eating up my battery now.

Thanks again!





First things first, let’s get the boosting sorted then I will try and figure out what I did because it was a bit of a mess around to adjust the geometry and get an animated robot finger pushing the “blue button“

I can see from your screenshot that there is the top of the blue start button just about showing. The reason you can’t read the text and it has because on your mobile you have the text size setting in accessibility set to a very large size. If you noticed, your runner emoji is also legless. And no, I don’t mean he’s had too much to drink :man_facepalming: The text above is standard information text but I clipped it out figuring that the most important part to get you up and boosted was the pushing of the blue button. I don’t know because I’ve never had my text set up that large but you should be able to tap the blue bar below when the text reads 20 minutes within the white hexagon. To get it started. Depending on how responsive your screen is, it might take a couple of taps to get the counter started. I said that because mine is sometimes a little unresponsive but that could be down to a slightly rubberised screen protector (supplied with the Mous case, Extremely good Sweatcoin offer for 50% off that I’ve seen a few times in the UK marketplace).

The final video uploaded was a gif.

I took a Screen recording on the phone, Clipped the video to length, adjusted the geometry to expand the base and lean the polygon back on one side then cropped it square using the standard edit tools on the iPhone. Imported it into an Instagram story creator and added a robot arm and took yet another screen recording in order to Manually remove the robot arm live once the button had been pressed so that did not show the finger pushing discard. Back in the iPhone editor I cropped the new recording square. I then used an online video to gif converter that offered options to Optimise the file by reducing the file size, quality and take out every second frame I think it was. Then it was saved as a gif and downloaded to the phone… Then obviously, I uploaded the sub 1MB file to the post.

I have to admit, even I’m shocked I remember that lot, especially considering I was out trekking in the middle of the night :rofl:

Just let me know how you get on mate I want good luck and I hope you get it sorted


Wow, you put a lot of effort and nohow into that gif - I really appreciate that. Any your last reply was the clarification I was looking for. As you can see from the screenshot I took of my video (I think I have to send it separately), that blue bar was the key - and I couldn’t see/read what was on it. But following your instruction, I clicked on it and was amazed to see it start counting down. I don’t know if it was my larger text-size setting that caused that problem, but I reduced my text size to see if it makes a difference. Of course, I won’t be able to tell till tomorrow when the blue bar returns. Regardless, I know where to click now and that was the key.

So, on to the other questions. Apparently you cannot preset a time for the boost to take place, and you therefore have to initiate that blue-bar click each day when you want it to begin, right? Does the iphone have to be open to the on the sweatcoin app to register the boosting? Can the phone be locked during this activity? Do you have to do anything else when the 20 min is completed for the points to accrue?

Also, do you have background app refresh turned on for this app? Do you have “allow location access” set to “always” for this app? It seems to be eating up my battery now.

Thanks again - you are the MAN!



Sorry for the delay in getting back to ya.
I’ll be honest I only know some of these, I’m just a user like everyone else.

There is no preset start time, it’s just tap n go. Once the countdown shows GO, you can lock the phone and the boost.

Battery use isn’t an issue I’ve had, it is always one of the lesser power hungry apps on my mobile. I’ve always just kept the settings as when installed. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of threads about location settings because I know there was a change implemented but also that some mobiles are still requesting location access is activated.

Sorry I can’t be much use with that one


I appreciate your help. I posted again and got some input. Thanks again.


The important thing is that you get it sorted, up and running… so to speak :sunglasses::+1:t4: