How will I get to use the offers in Kuwait I can’t do anything with the coins


Hello I’m Melika ,I’m 18 and I live in Kuwait and literally there is nothing I can do here with this coins but still I believe that there will be at least one thing right ?


Hello Melika, You can create an account at N26 bank, exchange your coins for money their. Moreover they have an awesome app and they will sent you for 25 Sweatcoins, your bank card at home within 2-3 days :slight_smile:


But I never had an Visa card or knit or anything like that is it fine ? And will it cause a lot of things to just get that n26 account ?


Btw I just downloaded the n26 app and tried and they said that it isn’t available in Kuwait yet


That´s very unfortunate.

I think the more people use Sweatcoin, the more will N26 expand their product in different countries.

So it could just be a question of when they will offer it in Kuwait too!

Therefore, my suggestion is: keep walking or running & collect Sc´s.

I feel certain, that the more people will use sweatcoin, the more will the value increase :smiley: a nice long-term vision!


That’s correct. Keep collecting hehe :slight_smile: