Huawei P9 lite - converting problems


Hey, installed Sweatcoin some days ago and almost none of my steps are converted into Sweatcoins.
I’m using a Huawei P9 lite and followed all the Huawei instructions to get the best performance. On my first day, none steps (of i guess 4k) were converted. Yesterday I had a window of 2 hours were it worked (3k of 10k). But today everything’s bad again and I have no idea what I am doing differently to yesterday.
Over the night I used the airplane mode so I was thinking that this caused the problem. I restart my mobile but it is still not working.
GPS is on, this test app doesn’t show any problems and Sweatcoin is counting my steps outdoors perfectly but none of those steps are converted.

Is there a list of all mobile phones which are supported? Does anybody else have problems with a p9 lite (or are there users using it without problems?).

Some help would be great. The idea is so great but it doesn’t make sense to keep this app on my phone if it doesn’t work the way it should. Many thanks for your ideas / help!



I’ve no experience with Huawei, but do you know for sure that you’ve your location acces on “always”? Maybe try turning that off and on again. Or try to reinstall the app again. Also, you didn’t change the date and time on your phone lately? And where do you keep your phone when you walk? Just in your pocket or somewhere else?
A little much questions sorry, but the problem can be hard to find sometimes.


I am very thankful that you’re trying to help me! Thank you! :slight_smile: I turend the GPS mode on and off. This didn’t help in the first time. Same with restarting the phone… Reinstall the app would be the next step I think.

But today, my phone had a good day and converted almost all steps into coins. I changed the GPS mode from “GPS, wifi and mobile nets for high precision” to “only GPS” which is usually worse. I am checking everytime when I leave the house that the icon of the GPS is shown in the top bar and that the app is opened in front/is focused. And I put the phone head upwards in my jeans pocket (usually i put it up side down in it). Oh and I restarted my phone after I accedently closed the app manualy just to be sure.

I don’t know if all those factors are important but this combination worked for me today.
I let you all know how the next days will work. I hope I can start coining from now on continously :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your help!


No problem! I’m glad to hear everything worked fine today. Maybe I’ll try some tricks you mentioned for a better conversion too. Maybe it will work for my phone too you never know. :wink:
Let us know if you need any more help!