Huawei users: improve your step conversion!


To our Huawei users,

Please see below some tips which have proven to have helped many of our Huawei users, and let us know if these work for you!

Before this though, always make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Sweatcoin from the PlayStore (we’re releasing new versions all the time!) :slight_smile:

  1. Delete any preinstalled fitness apps from your Huawei device (usually preinstalled from the device itself when you first got the device).

  2. Deactivate your pedometer in the device: Go to home screen > open preferences > settings and privacy > screen lock and passwords > show step counter > disable.

If this didn’t work for you, please:

  1. In your device, go to “Settings” > “Apps” > find “Sweatcoin” > ensure Power saving mode toggle is OFF

  2. In your device, go to "Settings > “Apps” > Three dots at the top > “Special Access” > “Battery Optimisation” > “Not allowed” switch to “All apps” > Find “Sweatcoin” > Click on Sweatcoin > Choose “Don’t allow” (this can be done by request from the app like on Samsung)

  3. Settings > Battery > App launch > Find Sweatcoin > Disable switch > Keep all switches in opened popup as enabled (Auto-launch, Secondary launch, Run in background) Click “OK” (this cannot be adjusted from the app)

Let’s get all our Huawei users happily Sweatcoining again!

Team Sweatcoin

Steps not converting to sweatcoins? Please read!
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Hey, thank you for this!

I got sweatcoin working by using step 2.
(Hauwei Honour 7A)


This is amazing news! Thanks so much for letting us know.



My steps are counted but the conversion is blocked.
The “Analyse now” doesn’t work anymore.

It works for a few minutes when I re-install the app but the next day, it stops working again.



I have exactly the same problem on my p20 pro. Very frustrating!


The number of steps i’m loosing today !


@plongeurfou @BT_86 Have you tried out the steps above? Please let us know if any of them work :slight_smile:



I have try the steps many Times. Thé steps are counted but they are not converted to sweatcoins.



Yes I have tried all the steps and none of them work. I can only get it to work if I reinstall but it only works for about a day.


Hey i think the conversion is correct, but i have other problem. Banner with information about how to solve problem with step counting still occurs, even after finishing every single instruction i wonder if this is as it should be?

Walking on Huawei Mate 20 pro


Huawei kullanan arkadaşlarım

Google play konum hizmetini zaten kullanıyor. Sweatcoin uygulamasının kullanmasına izin vermeyin. %100 çözüm bu.


@Disgruntled try this ^^^


hadi534665 - - - - - - - swc user name

SWC I’m ready for your gifts :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Google play services location permission is turned on

Sweatcoin location turned off


Donations? :joy::joy:. We all walk/work hard for our coins. No one donates here mate.


I found the solution for sweaty steps :disappointed:


I m huawei today :hugs: %100 Solution on top

2x today


Good on you man. Finally someone solved it


Conversion failed. Huawei conversions are unstable😕