Huawei watches and Sweatcoin


Is it possible to use is your Huawei watch with sweatcoin? I have red several times that only the Apple watch is supported because it has GPS but the new huawei watch gt 2 pro also has GPS, and I wondered if it’s possible to use it simar to the apple watch?
If this one isn’t supported, is there any other watch from huawei which is supported?


Hi Zain, I’m using Huawei P30 Pro and I also have Huawei Watch GT 2e and sometimes it’s counts my steps from both devices and sometimes only from my phone. So I have attached Screenshot and I hope so far I have helped you, I’m @flavoredstore to follow me and Say Hi


Ok that’s so helpful thank you!


And how exactly did you connect it with sweatcoin?
And does the watch count indoor steps?


The only supported watch which allows you to convert steps is Apple Watch through app which can be installed directly on Apple Watch. At the moment, it only supports outdoor steps and you will need to start and stop workout in the app in order to convert it to steps.