I am one of the lucky last few to have claims the Marathon Reward


Guess I am one of the lucky last few to have claim the Marathon Reward !!!
Yes this app really pay cash for steps …
Thank you Sweatcoin for all the motivation and the great reward for for completing 20k SWC.
Time to slow down now as I have achieved the goal I have set out initially when I install this app … YEAH !

Below is what I have posted in my FB walking group

Hard work that pays off after 2 years of walking !!!

It was somewhere around 5th Dec 2018 when I first install this Sweatcoin app, not knowing whether it is a genuine app that will really pay cash for steps. Anyway, as I walk a lot, so I just might as well join it as another extra motivation.

At the beginning, it was hell with this app as my steps was not fully recognize/converted and the battery usage for the app was high.

There was many occasions that I almost wanted to give up on the app.

I also have to increase my steps (up to around 17km daily at one time including recorded and non recorded steps) in order to maximise my Sweatcoin earning.

Towards the end, when I almost hit the amount of 20k SWC to exchange for the marathon reward, they remove the scheme. A new Auction system was introduced as I guess too many members are cashing out through the easy marathon system. I was still very skeptical about how genuine is this app until the moment the amount was transferred into my bank a moment ago. Wow ha ha … it is a genuine app after all.

Now who dare says it does not pay to accumulate steps.

The prize might not mean much for many but to me, it is through millions of steps over the past two years.

Will I recommend this app to others ? Well, going forward with the current Auction bidding system, it is now much much harder to win anything as one would have to compete globally for those prizes.

(Under Marathon system, almost everyone can win the promised prize if one persevere) Too bad, my wife will have to struggle to fight for her reward now.

  1. Wondering how many SWC members are Marathon reward winners or Auction Reward winners in total so far ?
  2. Wonder how many of them are user of this forum ?


Actually, a lot of people have claimed the offers before they became available to be purchased with coins only you collected (this was made to prevent fraud).
I’d say at least 3-4 people that I know of have claimed those offers and are members of the forums (not sure whether they are still active though)
Congrats on redeeming your offer, enjoy it mate


I read somewhere that there are suppose to be 4.5 mill active members who clock daily steps using SWC.
But I doubt there are more than 0.1% of those members (4500 members) have claim the Marathon reward (There are only 26 Auction winners till date if I am not wrong)

4500 marathon winners will equate to 4.5 mill USD payout if assuming all the winners claim the 1000 USD cash reward.