I am searching for Friends :)


I am an active Sweatcoiner with 1706SC at the moment and I want some friends in the app.:blush:

My name is „robin_sc“.

See you. :slight_smile:


Hey @robin_sc, tap here to add me, there’s no search in the app.


crusty2112 from the greater Boston area. I apx 1200 but rising


Merhaba. Nasılsınız? :blush:


samali4u My username add me


did you your username chage? I cant gind you in the app. Follow me and I follow back; username: kirshenmans
Link: https://sweatco.in/i/kirshenmans


Now I have 1751 coins :balloon:


@amaralyla & @Samali4all followed :+1:t3:


Hey tap this


Selamlar siz nasil ?


If you give me Half you sweatcoins Ill be your friends :hugs:
JK Lol


Hi I’m Karla known as Karma on Sweat Coin


Richardt from the philippines.


Pete from UK,

Add me, will follow back


hello everyone!

this is my link:


Hi! I’m Justyna from London and I’m completely new to this! I’ve been using it from Thursday!


Me too!

https://sweatco.in/hi/kevinthomas927506 Check out this free app — It Pays to Walk :walking_man:

From South Wales btw! :uk:


You can follow me iiamdawnn


https://sweatco.in/hi/amyheuven this is my account! :blush:


Hello how are you so am i