I am searching for Friends :)


@Anixi esa soy yo seguirme y yo os sigo




Hi! I’m an active user and I’d really like to grow my friends group! My username is ariana2985, please add me!


User name : gogobaba


@martin875154 follow meeeee


@martin875154 follow meeeee…


Hi Robin! Would love to b ur friend!


@martin875154 add meeeee UK postal worker. Recently had trouble with steps converting, so downgraded, but working again now and will upgrade soon.


Hello same here, im new add me, accept thx


Hi peple, I am glad to be part of this community. My name is Alex, I am from Serbia and searching people who are commited to walking and enjoying the beauty of moving and experiencing life in this way.


Hi, I’m also looking for friends because nobody who I know uses Sweatcoin! I’m all alone but hopefully not for long after I have posted this message :blush::blush::heart:

I’m Saturnalia, I please add me! :blush:

https:// sweatco.in/hi/saturnalia Check out this free app — It Pays to Walk :walking_man:


mandami il link cosi ti aggiungo e poi mi aggiungi anche tu. gbsweat