I chose the wrong answer on 200 swc question :)


I chose the 126 billion answer and confirmed by mistake. I’m following the instagram account. Help pleasee :joy::joy:


Not trying to pour cold water but just treat it as you chose the correct answer but was not pick as the winner.

Just try to reconfirm 3 times before you hit the confirm button the next time round.
Sorry if I sound mean.


This lottery was really interesting in my eyes.

According to sweatcoin inc. they have 50 to 100 million users.

Well let’s crunch some numbers:

They give us 345,000,000,000 steps as correct answer for January 21. Divided by 31 calendar days we get roughly 11,100,000,000 steps a day.

Let’s now assume people (EU and non EU average) only make about 3,500 steps a day

we not even get 3,200,000 users ACTIVELY using the app.

Kind of interesting especially in the light of ongoing reward discussions…




2M active weekly users…

But yeah. Your number crunching don’t add up.

The staff abandoned this forum a while ago… pressure.


Oof that pretty unlucky