I did the $6 for 12 invites and have yet to receive my money


I invited 12 people. I received the email saying it was confirmed. This happened today. I know it says I’ll get my money within 30 days but does anyone have a real answer when I’ll get my money?


30-90days after reading other people’s threads.


Did you receive that email automatically or is this something you have to activate by like buying it in the marketplace? I too have invited more than 12 people but I don’t know how to get my 6 bucks on PayPal, I’m not seeing anything in the marketplace and haven’t received any e-mail from sweatcoin other than the usual weekly “payslips”


You have to go to the $6 PayPal thing in the Marketplace, and since you have invited 12 out of 12, you can press the “Get It Now” button where the “Invite more” would usually be. This will take you to a survey or something from Sweatcoin to enter your information like your username, email, and PayPal info. After that I guess you have to wait until something happens.


Thank you for the clarification, I definitely don’t have this though :slightly_frowning_face:


Be like 6 months before you get the 12$


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