I follow over 400 friends but can no longer see any of their steps


Previously, i can see their steps daily even when we are from diff time zone.
The listing was constantly updated so as to keep only active steppers as friends in order to keep me motivated daily. I have spent so much time gathering the 400 over active friends by searching though listing over listing of active steppers.

Recently, I have not being able to see any of their daily steps for a quite few months now since a few update ago.
Phatt.One has added me to his personal group and finally I was able to see some other stepper in this app. It was like i am the only one alive and stepping for the last few months in this app

May I know will I be able to see the steps of my 400 friends again ?
If yes, can a dateline be given ??

Or do I have to start a group of my own and start gathering active friends again ?
How do i add them to my group without sending an invite link to them ??
(previously, i can add them just by going to fellow friends listing to ‘‘follow’’ them and can immediately see their daily steps)
And how do go around adding active members if I can no longer see any steps at all ? (I do not wish to add a few thousand members inactive members.)

My group invite link


Personally, I have spend many, many, many hours looking through various user profiles. To see the daily stepcount on a users profile is no doubt the key element Sweatcoiners look at in any profile. Without the steps, the Sweatcoin element is gone from the profile and each user becomes nothing more than a username, a pretty picture and a list of other usernames and the associated pretty pictures.
I don’t want to speak to soon but thankfully, the iOS version still shows the step data. I was kind of hoping that at some point, the Step data shown on profiles viewed on the Android app would be developed to start offering more information similar to viewing on iOS.
I am sure there will be an underlying reason why the daily steps are no longer shown on Android. Hopefully, the daily step data will be returned to the Android app, possibly with the extended counts and average data currently shown in the iOS version.
I know that using the groups feature isn’t an ideal solution to enable users to see friends daily steps but it is a reasonable workaround for now. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Phatt. One i am having the same issue, i got so discouraged i have stopped walking since we cqn no longer compete or see each others steps.


Hey @Renpen
Check out this thread!
ChrisUK has opened a Sweatcoin Warrior Club group for users on the Sweatcoin Community Forum and Sweatcoin Warriors Discord server.