I Have a question about The marathon Offers


So here’s my story, after i joined sweatcoin and saw the 1000$ offer, i told my bro and we started walking and collecting both his sweatcoins and mine on my account ( because I’m the oldest ). But my dumbass didn’t pay attention that they can only be earned by Each ones coins you know. So i sent him back THE EXACT number of coins he sent me. Does his coins count as his or like are they useless for him or how does it affect the Marathon Offers?


They don’t count as his coins i guess. I’d write an email to the support. Maybe they can help you by converting the coins into coins, that your brother has earned so that he could buy Marathon offers Form it.


If a members used up all 10,000 of his hard earned SWC (earned in 2017-18) in his wallet (for crowdfunding and for purchase of offer for the day) and he later accumulate back another hard earn 10,000 (say 2019-20). Now can he purchase another 10,000 SWC from fellow members to cover back his first 10,000 SWC (earned in 2017-18) to exchange for a MARATHON offer ? My answer is a NO and I believe the official answer is likely to be a NO too