I just changed my phone. How I can still have my previous coins?


I got my new phone with the same numbers. How I can still have the same account with my previous coins?


If you enter the same phone number and email you should get your account back.


My phone died and I had to get a new phone. I was not able to keep the same phone number because it was a work phone. Now I have my own phone but I’m not able to get back into my existing Sweatcoin account because I never receive the email with the code to confirm the update. I’ve check the spam/junk folders and it’s never been received. It has been 5 days. I tried to do again today and it says to enter the code from the email. I’m still waiting.
I sent email to sweatcoin support 5 days ago and have received no reply. Maybe someone will answer here.


I try messaging either @Ashton or @Emma


@Ashton , @Emma

I don’t know how to use this forum. I was told to try and message either of you to see if you could assist me please.
I had to buy a new phone and could not keep the same phone number. Now when I try to login, it does recognize the email address ([email protected]) but when going through the prompts it states an email will be sent to me with a code, but I never receive the email. It has been 5 days and it is not in the junk folder. Can someone assist me in getting back into my existing account, please.


MANY thanks! I have never used this forum and don’t know if I didn’t it correctly, but did use the @ with the users. Fingers crossed I receive a reply and a bit of assistance.


Hi! We can’t change the number for your account here - the best way is to email us at [email protected], where we can help out more :slight_smile:


I’ve sent 2 emails the past 2 weeks and no one in support has replied to either one.
The app sends me a text to my new phone number, which I enter, then when I put in my existing email it says it’s already registered and it says it’s going to send me an email with a code, I never receive the email. I don’t want to create a new email or lose my earned sweatcoins. What do you suggest?



I still have not received a reply from support. How do I receive help if no one ever replies to emails?



The app finally worked and emailed me the code. Support never answered me. I do support for a software company, by myself, and I’ve never not had time to answer someone for 3 weeks. It can be better. Hopefully in the new year. Thank you for at least replying.