I Just Received a Daily Bonus 1000 SC


I guess it does happen. I think the most before was 25. I might have to go out and buy a lottery ticket.


Most I’ve got is 50!


The most I ever get is 1 and rarely 2. Mostly I get partial bonuses, such as 0.5 or something like that.


Normally I don’t comment on this, but wow for you, if I get 5 I jump with joy


Congratulations. Very happy for you.


The most I’ve gotten is 6, but…I just started yesterday. :joy: Congratulations!


While i admit, it would feel exciting, the truth is that it doesn’t matter what kind of bonus you get. As recently demonstrated, they will either remove the reward as they did in most of the USA for the 1000$ PayPal when people are close to achieving it or increase the coins needed to achieve it, as they recently did for all the bucket list trips. The trips are now increased to 25,500 coins needed, and I suspect they will keep rising in time if not removed altogether. I subscribed to the TM level, but now I realize the sweatcoin app as a scam, like so many other apps before it (Lympo, for example, where they always set the bar too high to win prizes of substance, but at least they were honest from the start. Unlike Sweatcoin.) I believe they have no intention to pay out any of the bucket list prizes.