I LOVE the app. I don't wanna delete it for such an issue


Day 7: ZERO Sweatcoins are generated. I’m really tired trying every possible solution to solve the issue, but I’m still getting nothing.
My GPS settings are optimized, my battery consumption is dedicated for Sweatcoin. “GPS test” app gives me perfect results. I downloaded GPS tracking apps and they track my movement perfectly. My real-life steps are counted by Sweatcoin, yet NONE are converted to Sweatcoin steps nor coins. I uninstalled the app from my primary phone and signed in with my account using a different phone, optimized the settings. Again, nothing was converted.
The most shocking thing is that when my friend signs in to his account using my phone his steps are counted! At this point, I started to seriously think that it’s only about my account. The phone has nothing to do with this.
Again, this is driving me totally crazy. Finally I found this really great app with this amazing idea, and suddenly out of nowhere it stops functioning for no reason. The last thing I want to do is deleting the app, really.

Force send not working

I can imagine how stressful and annoying this is. But I don’t really know how to help you out.
maybe @Ashton or @Emma can help you with this issue? What happens when you use your account on your friend’s phone? Have you tried that?


Hi @Arwout ! I tried opening my account on 3 different phones, yet the problem was not solved. By the way, the moment you added your comment I was walking with another friend to test her account on my phone, and almost 95% of the steps were successfully converted for her. I opened my own account again on my phone immediately and the problem was back. I’m sorry to bring that over and over but I feel like I’m intentionally banned by Sweatcoin!


There must be a simple explanation for your problem. I don’t know how long it takes for someone to respond who can help you, but you can try to DM a moderator. Maybe they notice it faster that way. Or you can try the option Contact us at the bottom of Help in Settings in the app and choose your problem. I hope this will help you further!


Hey @Munzer, sorry to hear of the issue. This is most curious, indeed. Given that you have so many friends what happens if you log into your account on their device rather than them logging into their account in your device?


Hello @Oleg ! Thank you for your response. As I mentioned in my previous comment, I tried logging in using 3 different devices, and still my steps were not converted.


Let me know if you find anything out. Having a very similar issue


11 miles give or take walk today and only 957 steps registered :woozy_face: :unamused:


Hey @Munzer please DM me your username on Sweatcoin or email address you used to register. Many thanks!


I have days like this, and it frustrates the h*!! out of me.

A couple of weeks ago I was recording 28-30k steps a day but only getting 12 coins if I was lucky,

Almost every step I record is outdoors as I don’t walk around the house with my phone, so it’s only indoors when I go shopping and I rarely use a shopping centre/mall.

Last week it looked to be back to normal-ish, so I thought things had settled down.

Not a chance. Today I’m showing 14,945 steps. Yes I nipped into a couple of stores. So 12 (possibly 13) coins once I convert? Not a chance. I’ve been credited with 2.98 :confounded:


Yep same problem with me, using a samsung s7 and in UK, tried all the fixes, uninstall/install etc etc


I finally figured out the problem and my conversion rate is back on track again, thanks to Oleg for helping me out!
I posted about that in details here, if anyone is still having similar issues.

@cw18 @Dude


Glad you have a solution.

Not something I do - although, as my partner pointed out, my handset does check the date and time against the network information every time I connect to the internet.

The only thing I can do is disable that and see how things go, though why it can go wildly wrong several days in a row, then settle down for several weeks is anyone’s guess.

After yesterdays appalling conversion, it doesn’t look to be as bad today. Just over half the number of steps, but almost twice the coins…


I travel across time zones. I walked over 500000 steps I. The past 6 days got about 4coins… yes I had to change the clock one hour back on my phone. So what to do now as I get most of the days 0