I need help thanks!


Hi I’m new here. Just learned about sweatcoin. I’m trying to like this app but I’m having major problems with it tracking correctly. On my watch I’m walking between 7-10 miles a day. But on the app I’m only getting 4700 steps?? Am I doing something wrong? I wear the Apple Watch all day. Please help! Thanks!


Are you walking those 7 miles outside? It only tracks outside steps. Also, it only uses your phone to record steps, not your Apple Watch. Make sure your phone is moving when you walk to give the phone the best chance to record your steps. If I’m walking, I’ll often hold the phone in my hand. When running, I wear an armband so the phone is moving constantly. Also, check all of your settings. Make sure they are optimized for your phone.


So there is a watch app that doesn’t work? That makes no sense. I am a delivery driver I’m in and outside all day. Plus I run 15 miles a week. I avg between 5-7 miles walking each day. I can’t keep my phone on me while I work hence the Smart Apple Watch.


If you read the description of the app it makes it clear that it only works with the phone. No watches or step counters will work with SweatCoin. I also work outside a lot and wear a phone holster. It doesn’t count as many steps as if it was in my arm, but buts better than nothing. Otherwise, if you phone is just sitting in your truck, few of your steps will be counted.


Hi @CJScarola and @Gabersjg

Just thought I’d jump in to try and help clarify a couple of bit’s here. So you know right from the outset, I do not work for Sweatcoin and any suggestions or opinions are not to be taken as “the written law”, purely my own opinions and solutions based on my own experiences and findings :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I’m going to try and cover everything so bits might not apply but might be useful to know.

-The only wearable devices supported by the Sweatcoin App are Apple Watch Series2 or above.

-In order to use your Apple Watch with Sweatcoin, you must have the partner app installed on the same mobile your watch pairs/syncs with.

-You must open the Sweatcoin app on the Apple Watch and tap “Begin Earning” in order to count steps for possible conversion using the watch and swipe then tap “End” when in range of your paired mobile phone. It will not work to collect steps simply by wearing it, the app counter must be started and stopped.

-For some reason Apple will not allow two GPS activity tracking apps to function on the Apple Watch simultaneously. If you Wish to collect your steps for Sweatcoin conversion using the Apple Watch, you cannot record using Workouts, Strava, Map my Run etc. Only theSweatcoin app.

-The Apple Watch still uses the outdoor only algorithm and will not verify indoor steps.

There are apparently plans to rework and update the AW app to try and add indoor verification. Similarly, it is on the roadmap to look at expanding support for other wearable devices such as Fitbit, Android Wear etc. but an exact list nor timeframe is known at this time.

With regard to iPhone indoor step verification, an iPhone7 or above Is required for indoor verification.

If you are using the latest v2 algorithm on an iPhone7 or above, It is worth noting that all the steps collected will be submitted for verification using motion and pedometer data only. Unless you are using the Apple Watch as well (on the AW Still uses location and GPS data for verification).

The reason I mention this is because a number of users including myself have experienced greater losses in conversion using the new algorithm when running using the mobile. The watch app will make up for this if outside but on a treadmill etc. it’s wise to do a bit of testing to find what works best for you when running both in terms of counting steps and Capturing running motion that will pass verification. I’m told that this should improve as more samples of data taken from running with the mobile sited at different points on the body. I use a flipbelt with the mobile at the rear. Out on the open road it’s fine, but on the treadmill a number of steps to get knocked back. I guess trial and error is the only real way to maximise verification at present.

I hope this helps you out even a little. Again, fixes/suggestions are based purely on my own findings and experiences.

Happy Sweatcoinin’ :sunglasses::+1:t4: