I saw a giveaway to Finland for 15 sweatcoins


yes the was a return trip from finland at a resort and all meals inclided for 15 coins .dod anyome else see it ?


I saw the offer as well, but when I tried to buy, it was already out of stock. I’m guessing it was just an error in Sweatcoin’s marketplace and that the offer could likely be seen again soon at a higher price.


WHAT a trip to findlan? sighn me up i mean i had better walk a bunch lol


Oh wow! I also tried to purchase a makeup pallet recently for 4.99 Sweatcoin on the marketplace and when I was taken to the company website the price is £50! A big difference in price! I sent an enquiry to the website asking why the big difference in price and I am yet to receive a reply! The funny thing is, Sweatcoin has deducted the coins already even though I have not bought the item! If anyone knows how to get in touch with Sweatcoin regarding this I would be very grateful.


Hi @Seretha! You may have received a code when you purchased the offer that gives you a discount :slight_smile: If that doesn’t work, please DM me and i’ll refund your sweatcoins for you!


@Ashton, the link didn’t work.


Ah! In that case, please DM me and i’ll get you a refund sorted :slight_smile: