I’ve Multiple Apps That Count Steps


Hey I’ve not seen an answer to my question that’s why I’m here. I sent a couple help related questions but have never heard back. Thought I love apps that count my steps y’all put this innovative app that not only counts but rewards as well. I was excited now I’m not only losing or maintaining my figure but I’m earning as well even though it’s not much. As the old saying goes every little bit helps.

Well I can’t figure out why the app isn’t really converting all my steps. I take 3,409 but it only converts 2,00 or something really close to the lowest number. I’m physically taking screenshots before I start walking as well as counting my steps as I walk them to make sure all are accounted for. Give or take one or two steps it seems to be pretty accurate. But the conversion part has my legs trembling with doubt to keep the app!

Not only are all my steps not being converted but my battery seems to dwindle down rather fast. I’ve switched from battery saver to not and the usage of power was the same. All my other step counting apps work incognito if ya will. I don’t have to have the app physically open for my steps to be counted. Which the app being continuously open is what’s draining my battery life.

Yes I have a battery pack for backup power if my phone runs low. But I’m a shopkicker so I’m always walking into many stores and need the backup pack ready. If my phone doesn’t have time to receive a full charge via vehicle power I’ll have backup. With the app my battery goes down far faster than what it use to before installing the app.

If I’m not out getting my kicks I walk my in-laws property line with my dog to keep him boundary line trained and on the lookout for bad critters. It’s another perk for staying in shape. So usin a gps location tracker won’t help those like myself be rewarded properly for each step we take.

Isn’t that what your app is about staying in shape helpin those who have goals to reach them and maintain them? Recap: GPS Locator bad, conversion not converting all legal steps and battery usage is poor because app only runs if window is completely open.


please can you tell us other apps u use that counts steps


I use my Walgreens, Cash Steps, and MapMyWalk. And look when the heat index reaches 117 + it’s just impossible to tolerate walking outside or when it’s storming out. I sometimes have to go walking elsewhere to get the workout I’ve been doing quite regularly. But when I’ve walked over 6,031 steps outdoors + roughly 1,879 steps indoors and the flipping app only credits me for a measly 799 total steps for the day; There’s something wrong with the app.