Ideas to encourage use of Sweatcoin Forum

  1. Make it easier/more convenient to login to Sweatcoin Forum website by allowing syncing of other accounts such Facebook, google login, etc.

  2. For mobile users: There would be an option in the app to connect your Sweatcoin Forum account with your Sweatcoin account. Once it’s connected you can just click a button in the app that opens up the Sweatcoin Forum website already logged into to your account into a mobile web browser of your choice.You can disconnect your Sweatcoin account from your Sweatcoin Forum account settings at any time.

  3. Add the Sweatcoin Forum button in the app on the same page as the Invite Friends and Daily Bonuses buttons are located so the link that would be in the form of a button is more noticeable. I don’t think most users bother to find the link to the app at the end of the faqs page in the app. This suggestion is related to idea #2, but also in general, so it’s more likely a Sweatcoin user would click on the link and check out the Sweatcoin Forum.

  4. Almost forgot to add this one. Add a dark theme option to the Sweatcoin Forum website.


Love this post ting especially your number 2 and 3 I think there should be a place in app where it tells users about the forums. Maybe a support page or another page in general it’s worth putting it out there to try and bring members here as unfortunately the forums are quite quiet however I believe we can all change that.

Thanks for posting :smiley:


Definitely a good insight: We’ll keep this in mind going forward!