I'm new and slow so bare with me but how do you spend sweat coins without spending money, and I jefe


How do you spend your seeatcoins not your money, and I don’t see any good auctions until they’re over. Is there a champion or anything like that? Is it any prize for the most walked,any tournaments or groups and if not what would be better motivation to walk if you win bragging rights and a trophy or something. It’s a idea that you should let the user’s decide and but to me it sounds fun


No competitions. No champion. Highest bidder wins the prize. Your real life moneys will not be spent via sweatcoin. Your sweatcoins in your wallet/purse. Will be used for/on sweatcoin prizes.


There are sometimes daily rewards which you pay for using sweatcoins only, but mostly there are items which you pay for using Sweatcoins and pay only for the shipping, or discounts on some products.

Speaking of tournaments and competitions, you can make or join a group which will give you a visual on other group members’ steps. The group leader can make a competition to motivate his group and s/he can even set a reward if s/he wishes so.

The auction works like an auction: The highest bid in a certain period of time wins.
The main requirement is that the Sweatcoins should be self-earned.