Important! Must read


Hi everyone! I use this app everyday and 2/3 days ago i received a message from an instagram utent that sells SWC so initially i thought that it’s ok so he told me to send my email/ sweatcoin name and Paypal address … so i sold 150 SWC to his sweatcoin Profile and he had to pay me around 45$ but i realized i had been deceived because he Block me on Instagram …
So this is my bad esxperiences with this person … Never Trust on them …
i have also the proofs …
his name is sweatcoin_exchange on Instagram
And Exchange9183 on sweatcoin … so please Block him … he doesn‘t deserve to have this App .
Thank u for attention and sorry for wasting time with this kind of Problems.
Have a good day.


Thanks for the warning and sorry you had to experience this.


There’s always someone trying to scam you everyday. It’s total madness. Sorry you got scammed but hopefully it’ll stop others being scammed


Naughty naughty let’s send the mystery machiene


That is one sad person, and a thief


All the more reason I’m glad I don’t have instagram :thinking:
Glad I’m gonna stay old school :school: Facebook all the way :crazy_face::partying_face::sunglasses: