[IMPORTANT] Sweatcoin Company's transparency


While making my guide, the main thing that crossed my mind and has been bothering me ever since 2019 is the topic of SWEATCO. LTD.'s transparency.

I don’t see and I can’t find any sources, receipts or confirmations/verifications proving that some operations were successful.

This includes: Charity funding, Auction winnings, Marathon/Bucket list (when they existed) winning proof and videos of said offers, user-friendly financial reports, volunteers count and etc.

The list can go on, but the point stays the same: there’s almost no proof of activities listed above, which rises everyone’s suspicion, including my own of the legitimacy of this application.

The more this topic is ignored, the more I am and many others are proved right.

Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Community forum all have enough people who ask the same question which is ignored or answered poorly - where is the transparency and proof of the long-term rewards and charities which deduct our Sweatcoins?

I’ve made the body and research topics of my guide, but I will halt it until the transparency will be made, because I wouldn’t want to be part of someone’s sketchy scheme (especially when it comes to becoming an influencer.)

And no, just UK companies house is not enough, considering that most documents in there are mostly either outdated or lack information.

Impossible auctions
Sweatcoin Events

I agree, it’s strange how nobody has seen the videos of the marathon rewards they used to advertise, many asked the question but no evidence at all. All those holidays they advertised with not even one video. Strange indeed!


@DaveUK interesting.


@Ashton & @Emma
How is this possible?


Won the monthly January draw prize then - @khmelev obviously I won. :eyes::joy:


I am one of the lucky few to have collected my Marathon reward a few days before my 2nd Anniversary although I know that I am one of the lucky few.
I have boast so much about it in many posting till I was tell off by another fellow member

I have read somewhere at least two Auction reward winners posting on this forum before although I do not personally know them.

I am from Singapore (in S.E Asia) and my user ID is ‘Marathon reward claimed’ with profile pic the same as the one I am using for this forum.

Check me out if you like but I might not be as active as before after collecting my Marathon reward. It is quite difficult if not impossible to go for another Auction win after using almost all my SWC on it


I believe you should be referring to the bucket list travel offer using SWC and not the Marathon reward.
There are no video requirement for the marathon reward.


Point stays the same, no videos.

And as of your reward, giving proof is going to be really appreciated.

Either way, it’s more of a company-sided transparency rather than an individual one.


have boast so much about it in many posting till I was tell off by another fellow member - lol. I didn’t tell you off whatsoever. You posted about 10-15 posts telling everyone… I said we understood
Your point you won something. Mind you. I didn’t tell you ‘off’ lol…


If anyone in the Sweatcoin Warriors discord group is any good at searching past posts for screenshots, when @cookie66 made his claims, he kindly posted screenshots of the funds entering his PayPal account. It was a while back so don’t know if The images may have been removed over time or if they have been removed because of security with the obvious financial connection or if the user removed the images for security or if my limited Discord skills are just too limited to search effectively.

Although, if the research done was as thorough as claimed, I’m sure the skills exist to hunt these screenshots out.


Purely that this thread exists, clearly it wasn’t quite so well understood by everybody🤣

That being said, this kind of thread has also been started countless times and although it is perfectly understandable why frustration would result in composing this kind of post. Although I am a little surprised with all the research that the comments haven’t just been added to continue earlier identical threads.

There have actually been a few users now that have posted following successfully claiming. Certainly far more higher value claims since the auctions started.

Also, users posting their frustration that they had claimed and not heard anything regarding their claims. In a couple of cases, I’ve even read later posts on the forum by the same users to inform that they had received their reward, albeit the cash values of items rather than the physical items.

Short of posting selfies in a mirror with a screen showing their PayPal details which would be possibly one of the greatest invitations ever for identity theft, I’m a little confused as to what would constitute proof of receiving.

Sorry, I think I started mixing up a quick reply with further thoughts about the actual thread. In fact most of this is not actually ditected towards your post at all.

For this I’m just going to have to apologise and use the old age and senility excuse… if only I hadn’t realised, that defence might be more suitable. :man_facepalming:


I won a drone in the auction and i have received it, I’ve been a member of sweatcoin for 3 years in march, and i have posted in this forum but not much , more a reader than poster. I won it last sunday and recieved Friday, dhl delivered it. Just posting to have a few positive posts lol. Keep walking everyone you’ll get rewarded eventually i hope😀


Doesn’t change the fact that there’s close to no transparency of the company.

Auction winners and expired marathon and bucket list winners always speak about their winnings and in really rare cases share screenshots of proof.


I remember when I asked for proof. I got called
More or less jealous… lol.


Personally I was referring to the holiday prizes that we’re targets initially, the t&c’s were that footage would have to be uploaded to fb & Instagram etc. I’m not aware of any such footage which makes me curious!


Fragment from my bank application. Text is partially in Georgian. :slight_smile:


I done my monthly steps target haha 300k


Sorry but maybe ‘‘Tell off’’ is too harsh a word to use for being reminded for getting too carried off for winning a prize. I apologize for using the wrong word.

I personally think it is my duty to step forward as a winner to at least let fellow members to know that this app really pay a marathon reward as promised. Sharing it half a dozen times or more through diff posting is just one of my ways to spread some positive news among the otherwise super negative forum. It is my obligation as one of the winner to share with fellow members to keep their hope alive as just like everyone else, I have many doubts on this app too till the minute I see the prize money being credited into my bank acc.

Now regarding the video proof for those bucket listing travel reward, it will be good to hear from the official on the outcome … whether did any winners really materialized or it was a failed project without any winners.


BTW, SWC app is just one of the 8 birds I am killing daily with a stone although it is one of the most demanding.
These 8 birds (mostly local app) do offer various amount of rewards for stepping/moving around with one having a higher payout than SWC but also come with a much higher monthly subscription.


This turned out a long post so I will divide it on topics.

On this thread
So this thread, that’s calling for the company’s transparency, is super negative?

I am not looking to dismantle and discredit Sweatcoin, I want it to be more open for people to see, because if they will be honest with their business plans, then this will not only bring many users aboard, it will also motivate existing customers, myself included.

The big problem comes with the big rewards and donations, because no matter where I looked, I can’t find proper evidence other than word claims, especially from the company itself.

On proof of big rewards and etc.

Thank you Vakhot, I really appreciate you sharing this as it gives a picture on big rewards.

As Sweatcoin Peers, this should be the evidence/proof we bring in, not only words, because that’s what will encourage some people to get going long-term.

On the motivation and security
I am going with Sweatcoin because it rewards me with motivation to walk more. The rewards are nice, but secondary for me.

So far, I received all the rewards I paid for, and shared pictures on this thread for others to see.

What got me suspicious back then, is that there was one fraudulent company that slipped into sponsorship on Sweatcoin and I almost got caught in it, and I don’t want others to get caught in similar cases in the future. I want this to be a more secure place if possible.

( Reference: Fraud Sponsoring, ShawAcademy )

On donations
I will give it another glance soon, but so far, I haven’t found the company’s receipts on the donations they make for the projects the community supports and votes for with Sweatcoins.

I am a common donator, but I want to know that the project I chip in for with Sweatcoins is actually supported.

As users, it’s our peer-to-peer task to show proof of receiving the rewards, but the much bigger things like donations, events (New Years resolution rewards for example) and big rewards like the Disneyland trip back in the days which we can’t really see, should be transparent and open by the company itself.

The best thing about a democratic discussion, is finding the right middle ground within the community.