[IMPORTANT] Sweatcoin Company's transparency


Anyone know who won the monthly prize …? Should show a winner like the auctions no?


I can help narrow down the search, it wasn’t me :man_facepalming:


@Vakhot thanks for adding your screenshot.


Well, considering that there are millions of users, you can’t really call it narrowing down, but you are one of the few beasts who could go 100k steps in a day :rofl:


I’m unfamiliar with the monthly prize. Is this only for IOS?


I am using an Android device, so I am not sure about iOS


Hi @Woxof38
I believe they are referring to the advertised monthly prize mentioned in the insights section where you set up your yearly total as measured against last year’s step count & attempt to beat your goal each month.
It’s on Android.


Technically, it should be available on all devices for all users to participate.

I hope iOS has the same monthly prizes feature, and proof of delivery should be part of the discussed transparency.


@kevinthomas927506 Thanks I see it now.


Yeah, I definitely agree. Honestly, I’m just waiting to cash out soon. The app drains quite a bit of my battery and I feel like that this app will fail quite soon.


Well, I hope they will be able to be more open about this, because this will definitely motivate the community.

EDIT: Waiting for the official reply on this.


And where can we see these holiday winners videos, promised to us!!?
And day 4 of CRAP swc conversions
So its day 4 of uninstalling the app.
Just gets worse.


On issues like this, sweatcoin will always remove and block the vendor from our app.
Of course, we try to ensure only quality offers and vendors are allowed in our marketplace but some may slip through. Please, if you see any, reach out to us with support tickets. That’s where we can best see and actively respond to the issue.

So we’re currently working on a monthly newsletter which should be launching in March! It will be going out to all users who donated the month before, so here you’ll be able to check out the impact of your generous donations. We also have a few in-app plans on their way too, so a lot to look forward to :smiley:

Please guys, remember this is a community forum, we don’t have all of the answers here. If you need help, go through our official support channels with tickets, where our dedicated team can assist you best.


I donated 69 and 69.42 to a crowdfunding, will be looking forward to that


A monthly newsletter is welcome, but telling us after the event is not good enough.

Each charity appeal sets a target of raising a few million sweat coins, but does not state how much real money that results in the charity getting.

We need this information as an incentive. I refuse to walk 100,000 steps and give the resulting sweat coins to charity if the charity only gets a penny or two. We need to know that a week’s walking gets the charity pounds not pennies, so transparency upfront is required please.

Your failure to do this will make me doubt your intentions to evolve sweatcoins in to a proper virtual currency. If it has no comparable value, it isn’t a currency.



What this guy says. “Pledges to donate more” just won’t do. I just started but will be de-installing this app if this matter isn’t resolved in a few weeks or so.

It just smells like a whole big scam mixed with a piramid sceme. Thank you for adressing my point Peter.


Re reading my post, it’s a bit negative. I stand by my point, but to put a positive spin on it, if you tell me how much money my sweatcoins will give to the charity, then that will incentivise me to walk and give.


@Ashton mate i swear only you can ease up the situation here
Though i am on their side