In bed most of week


I got sick a couple weeks ago. Not bad. But not light either. 4 of those day I barely got out bed.

Was still at more steps than 87% of all users.

This was disheartening. Makes all those 99.7 % not so awesome.

I still like 99.9% and 100%.


Hope you get soon well, the highest I’ve gotten is top 5%


Hope you are feeling a lil better… a good wander will help fuel the spirit once more. :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Bully for you. If only my steps were counted more accurately, I would be much happier.


The new algorithm will counts your steps a lot more. The only reason it doesn’t count all of the steps is because you could be driving and shaking your phone to get steps or walk and shake your phone.


Not getting a 1/3rd of what you have walked does not seem correct to me.


We’re working on an update which should fix the step conversion issues, we just need a little time to perfect it :slight_smile:


Can’t come soon enough.
There seems to be some sort of problem. As I walk the same distance most days but no 2 days are the same total…


@mini76 they are still perfecting the algorithm don’t worry one day almost all your legit steps will count :grinning: